Video Movement Gone Viral: KONY 2012

Video is such an effective form of media. I think it is often underestimated how much impact a video can have on the audience that views it. This is especially true when the video pertains to something such as a movement. I have seen non-profit  organizations benefit tremendously from making a video to raise awareness of their purpose and objectives.

A perfect example of this would be the recent KONY 2012 movement that was started and organized by the non-profit organization Invisible Children in 2004. This organization worked to make a 30 minute video in order to educate and spread the word about Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army in East and Central Africa. They have been abducting, killing, and displacing civilians ever since 1987, so Invisible Children decided to take a stand and get the world on board to battle against Kony and his army.

Take a look at the 30 minute video:

This video went viral fast and now has over 93,000,000 views. Most people are now aware of what is happening in Africa and are willing to contribute in any way they can. If you take a look at the Invisible Children’s website,, it looks as though there is another video promoting the movement that is scheduled to occur in Washington, D.C. on November 17, 2012.

All these videos that are posted about the KONY 2012 movement tend to be very inspiring and motivating. As an organization, I think it is very crucial to know your target audience and figure out what you want to convey to them through the videos you make. Invisible Children has done an excellent job at educating and motivating everyone to recognize the need for a change. They have shown the world that Kony and his army should be stopped, and they have successfully done it using video.