The Post-Exam Examination

Looking back on Monday night’s exam, I am able to let out a sigh of relief. I had very high expectations for the midterm exam due to the amount of information we have learned throughout the semester so far. I was not sure what to expect either, considering this was going to be the class’ first exam of the semester in COM 509.

As with every first exam in a class, I am never sure what to expect regarding the level of difficulty. However, I was very pleased with the hints we were given before we took the exam. The hints were given in class as well as on the Facebook group that we all use to interact. I really liked the fact that we were given hints about some of the questions on the test, because it gave me an idea of what to focus on while studying.

While taking the exam, I noticed that the multiple choice questions were very clearly asked and not confusing. This relieved me, because I am used to taking exams that are worded in a very confusing way. This usually hinders my ability to successfully answer the questions, and I do not score as high as I wish I would. Once I moved onto the short answer questions, I noticed that I knew one of the answers word-for-word because it was another hint given on the Facebook page.

I thought the short answers and essay were fairly simple to complete, yet they took a while for me to answer. There was so much writing involved and I was hoping to be able to get all my thoughts on paper. All in all, I think I did well on the first exam in this class. I studied as best as I could, and I am confident that I will see that success in my results next period.