He Can Move His Hairline…and Now the Whole World Knows

In 2010, a Missouri State University student named Frank Albenesius posted a YouTube video showing his random funny talent. He can move his hairline to make it look like he is wearing a wig, and wanted to share it with the social media world. Check it out:

As discussed in class last Monday, people can post anything on Reddit.com and it can be found by anyone on the Internet. A few days ago, Frank’s video made it to the front page of Reddit.com and has gone viral since. Here is a photo of his post on Reddit.com.

Ever since his video was posted to Reddit.com, it has reached over five different websites. These websites include Break.com, Viralviralvideos.com, the Tosh.O blog, MSN.com, and Facebook.com. Frank was even asked to do it again so he made a new version of the video. Check it out:

This is a local example of what Reddit.com can do for posts that go viral. In a matter of hours, videos and other media can reach a plethora of people in an instant via the Internet.