A Weekend Without an iPhone…Wait, What?

I am relaxing on Friday night watching a movie, and next thing I know I have a text message. I go to pick my iPhone up from the table in order to see who it is. Phone in one hand, drink in the other…and it ended badly. My iPhone bobbled out of my hand, and fell straight in the cup of water.

I immediately began to panic. I pulled the phone out of the cup as fast as I could, only to see that it still could function. However, I soon found out that the battery was permanently dead. This situation opened my eyes to a world that I used to live in a few years ago, before the age of the iPhone. This world I speak of consisted of social media only being used while sitting in front of a computer.

I now could see how much more convenient the social media world has been made by the mere fact that there is an app for everything for smart phones. Smart phone users can access just about whatever they want, especially the main sites such as Facebook with a simple app download. Notifications show up on your smart phone whenever there is something new going on with your apps.

These attributes allow life to be so much more easier, because you have everything you have ever wanted communication-wise all in one mobile device. I have to fully admit, I was completely lost last weekend. For three whole days, I did not have my iPhone. I was so used to checking Facebook, Twitter, google, and other apps on my iPhone that I forgot what it was like to not have that opportunity. For this reason, I now have learned how affective social media is used with mobile devices and how it is becoming more prevalent as time marches forward.