Good to Go with Web 2.0

Social media has shown everyone in the world a new level of interaction. People do not realize how much more impact news can have if the way it is communicated evokes feedback. A few years ago, news was only spread through word-of-mouth, television, radio, and other ways of one-way communication. This hindered people from expanding their knowledge through comments and other forms of feedback.

According to Sarah Anne Noel in her blog post titled “Truth and Two-Way Communication: Using Social Media for PR” on June 9, 2009, “Social media outlets open the gateways to conversations, often times between a basic consumer and a decision-making member of any given organization. It creates a two-way communication stream essential to customer service (and public relations!) success. Good public relations offers controlled messages, but it also puts power in the hands of the people by providing the information and opportunities that they need. Social media gives any PR professional the means to do exactly that.”

I completely agree with what Sarah is saying with regards to two-way communication putting power in the hands of the people. Ethan Forhetz from KY3 News also made a few great points in class regarding this topic. He explained how important the Facebook page is to his relationship with his fans. Obviously he is only participating in one-way communication when he is airing on television news.

Therefore, he stated how much he appreciated the ability to communicate with his fans and receive feedback and comments on his Facebook page. They can interact with him through social media and feel a connection with him as a person instead of a news anchor. Often times people need to feel like their opinion or presence is very important, and social media definitely allows organizations to accomplish this goal effectively and conveniently.


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