Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Public relations campaigns never cease to impress me. It always seems that the simplest idea can form awesome results for organizations. Depending on the idea they are looking to convey with their campaign, public relations professionals brainstorm ways that will be the most effective. However, this is something that is very hard to predict and foresee for an organization. Success appears to come from well done research and planning.

Dove, a personal care company owned by Unilever, decided that they needed to take action once they got lost in a crowded market of personal care companies. This called for a public relations campaign, and Edelman public relations agency were the ones for the task. Their solution was to focus not on the product itself, but to make the women using the product feel beautiful regardless of their age or size.

According to the Campaign for Real Beauty’s website, they stated, “The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a global effort that is intended to serve as a starting point for societal change and act as a catalyst for widening the definition and discussion of beauty. The campaign supports the Dove mission: to make women feel more beautiful every day by challenging today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspiring women to take great care of themselves.”

They made distinct goals in order to change women’s perceptions of their bodies and figure out what true beauty entailed. They also wanted to change the way beauty was viewed in the beauty market. In order to do this, they did their research by performing multiple interviews and surveys with women of ages 18 to 64 all across the globe.

Dove’s target audience was women of all ages and sizes, and they set many objectives for what they wanted to accomplish with the campaign. Their tactics included: advertising, television commercials, their website, billboards, the Dove self esteem fund, and interviews. Their campaign was very successful and boosted sales of their products. It received lots of media coverage and many people visited the website to share their thoughts about the campaign.

This campaign received many awards, including: PR Week’s Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year in 2006, PRSA’s Silver Anvil “Best of” Award in 2006, and the Grand EFFIE Award in 2006. Check out this Prezi that includes more information about this campaign and why it was so successful:

Also check out the television commercial that became so popular during the campaign entitled “Dove Evolution”:


One thought on “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

  1. I remember this campaign very clearly, I was impressed by the originality of the concept. It really stood out at the time as standing for a good cause and is a great example of the positive effect social media can have on a business.

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