He Can Move His Hairline…and Now the Whole World Knows

In 2010, a Missouri State University student named Frank Albenesius posted a YouTube video showing his random funny talent. He can move his hairline to make it look like he is wearing a wig, and wanted to share it with the social media world. Check it out:

As discussed in class last Monday, people can post anything on Reddit.com and it can be found by anyone on the Internet. A few days ago, Frank’s video made it to the front page of Reddit.com and has gone viral since. Here is a photo of his post on Reddit.com.

Ever since his video was posted to Reddit.com, it has reached over five different websites. These websites include Break.com, Viralviralvideos.com, the Tosh.O blog, MSN.com, and Facebook.com. Frank was even asked to do it again so he made a new version of the video. Check it out:

This is a local example of what Reddit.com can do for posts that go viral. In a matter of hours, videos and other media can reach a plethora of people in an instant via the Internet.


3 thoughts on “He Can Move His Hairline…and Now the Whole World Knows

  1. This is a perfect example of how just about anything can go viral. If one person takes interest in a video and posts it on another site, it can truly become a ripple effect and the video’s popularity can multiply in a matter of minutes. It is amazing how quickly someone or something can get noticed with the use of social media. As we discussed in class, it can be a good or bad thing for a video to go viral quickly. Frank’s video went viral because it’s funny. However, some videos can go viral and can damage a company’s or person’s reputation. Once it’s on social media, it’s hard to control.

    • Renee, I agree with you. I have seen many companies go viral on social media platforms due to negative occurrences that affect their organization immensely. I am currently working on a paper in a different class this semester about social media public relations blunders that have caused a business to have a crisis. It has showed me how often this happens today, mostly due to the increased usage of social media by organizations and businesses. Thanks for your comment!

      • You both make great points about social media and viral videos effecting organizations and businesses. I feel as though professionals are still trying to figure out what elements actually make a video or commercial into a viral video so they can respond more effectively to these negative videos. The most diverse group of videos are spread around the internet it is almost impossible to predict what makes them more popular. Some businesses and organizations are finding out the hard way that now unhappy consumers can spread word to a large audience,, like in the video we viewed in class “United Breaks Guitars” that pointed out the airlines careless handling of luggage.

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