See Ya College…Hello Career!

A few weeks ago, it became even more real to me that I will be graduating in May of 2013.  If you are like me, that still seems pretty far away. However, it is only 7 months from now…

As frightening as that sounds to me, I can now say that I am more excited than anything else. The reason I say this is because I have a lot to look forward to in the next year. I will be making the classic transition from college life to career life, and I could not be more psyched about it!

I received an email on Monday, Oct. 1, from my boss at one of my internships this past summer. He was sending me an email in order to thank me for the work I did all summer, and also wanted to offer me a career there after I graduate! I was filled with mixed emotions–sighing with relief that I had at least one job offer, excitement that it could be the career I want, but also confused as to whether I should commit to it just yet.

I really liked working for them over the summer, but it is going to take some time for me to decide if it is the right place for me to begin my public relations career. However, I do think it will be a very comfortable start that will allow me to expand their social media base and get their name out to the community more.

If I were to take this position, I would be the Director of Marketing and Recruitment at Duchesne High School in St. Charles, Mo. This would consist of recruiting more students to attend the school through various public relations tactics, as well as working with the students to promote the school within. I would also create all the marketing and public relations tools and designs, communicate with all the parents of the students, and assist in the organization of fundraising and special events.

I think it is safe to say I have a lot to look forward to, but I also need to begin brainstorming ideas for how to improve the school’s communication and public relations efforts. They are very good at updating Facebook, yet I think more could be done with the Twitter account. I could also make more video and audio podcasts in order to give faculty, students (future and present), and parents something to watch and see the school’s personality better.

I am wondering if any of you have other ideas I could bring to the table? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I am really looking forward to this possible future career. Whatever thoughts you have I will take into consideration for my new public relations campaign for Duchesne. Thank you!


One thought on “See Ya College…Hello Career!

  1. I like the idea of videos and podcasting, it’s a lot easier to watch a video than reading.I think a blog would be a great idea as well! Since beginning this little blogging adventure I’ve learned that it actually has a great use in free PR. I’m currently working on a project with the Plaid Door, a non-profit organization that resells clothing and donates all proceeds to various charities here in Springfield. My job is to create a social media campaign that will include Pinterest, Facebook and a blog. They’re currently operating with a Facebook and Twitter and do a fine job with their Facebook account but their Twitter account is lacking. I think Twitter is something that organizations feel as though they need because it is the latest craze but a lot of people don’t know exactly how to sustain it.

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