Instagram: Photo Sharing Instantly

Knowing that photos can now be taken on mobile devices, people have recognized the need for apps to accommodate to this ability. Many photos that are taken by people on their mobile devices deserve to be shared with others. Therefore, apps have been made in order to share your mobile photos with others.

Instagram, the most popular photo sharing app, is a fun and easy way to share your life with others through the pictures you post. It is quick and easy by simply taking the photo, choosing from numerous different filters, and then choosing which networks you want to share it with including your Instagram app homepage.

I have an iPhone, so when I share photos using Instagram I can post them to the following networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, Flickr, or foursquare. You also have the option to write a caption about the photo that will appear along with it once it gets posted.

This app was created in order to make mobile photos look more than mediocre by using filters. It also tries making photo sharing more convenient by having all networks available in the same upload. The uploads are very fast and efficient as well, so your photos will usually be uploaded in a matter of seconds.

Instagram is a free app that is available at the Apple app store and the Google Play store. I suggest you check it out and make your photo sharing experience more enjoyable, fun, and convenient!


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