5 Ways for Businesses to Use Facebook to Their Advantage

Many businesses are on Facebook and use it regularly, but do they all know how to use it to their advantage? Obviously, Facebook allows its users to share, promote, and connect with others. However, not all of its users are aware of how to successfully do that. If you follow these five ways, your business is sure to use Facebook and its assets to its full advantage.

1. Create statuses that are insightful and highly likely to generate likes and comments that pertain somehow to your business. For example, Bud Light’s Facebook page does a great job at posting creative photos that include their product. This enables its consumers that like their page to see their brand’s personality. Check out this photo of Bud Light bottles made into the World Series trophy.

2. Make Facebook offers such as discounts on new products or services that your business provides. This will enable consumers that like your page to redeem a discount. In turn, they are more likely to visit your business or go online and contribute to your success.

3. Connect blog posts to your Facebook statuses so that you can generate consumers to your business blog. This also allows them to learn more about your brand’s personality. Check out this blog post status from the St. Charles Convention Center.

4. Like other business’ pages that will generate similar consumers to your business. This will allow you to gain a larger consumer base, and may even steal loyal consumers from other businesses. Doing this will also keep good relations with your business and the ones in the same area as you.

5. Post videos or podcasts on your Facebook page that will enable consumers to learn more about your business.


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